Transporters are facing more problems in France and Belgium caused by the law to fine truck drivers parking vehicles along the road to make their weekly breaks.

European Regulation 561/2006 describes the rules subject driving and rest times and says: “‘When a driver chooses accordingly, daily rests and short weekly rest times may be done in the vehicle”.

Based on this phrase it is not allowed any longer that a normal weekly rest (45 hours) will be made in the vehicle. Alternative arrangements, like a hotel booking, should be made for the driver. A short weekly rest (minimal 24 hrs and allowed once per 2 weeks) a driver may do in his vehicle.

In case of offences high fines will be aplicable. In Belgium the fine will be € 1800.- to be paid directly, if not than the vehicle will be seized. In France the fine can increase to € 30,000.- with possible custody.

Other countires, like Austria, are intersted to follow this system. In the meantime in England,  it is forbidden in Kent to park up for the 45 hrs weekly breaks.